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The Korral are an ancient humanoid race, after millennia of being perverbally stepped on by the rest of the universe, they restructured their society to have a military focus. 

They hold a pantheon of gods, muck like the Greeks. Each god’s will is spoken and carried out by a single mortal. THese mortals are called Oracles. Oracles are chosed to lead the Korral people. Over the last thousand years, the Oracle of the War God Zenos has been chosen to lead the Korral. The rest of the Oracles remain at the High Court Estopholis as counsel to the presiding Oracle, currently Gorgon. Whichever god and Oracle is chosen to lead the Korral currently, dictates how their race will behave.


Korral stand around seven feet tall with slender frames and appear as if they were made of stone. However, they are actually comprised of a calcium-carbonate compound that serves as a sort of exoskeleton. How their bodies function else-wise is eerily similar to earth-like creates (heart, brain, blood, they die like the rest of us)


Korral are neither male nor female, they are all hermaphroditic. They reproduce by laying pre-fertilized eggs in salt water. On their home-world there is a great body of water called “The Ocean of Life” which is essentially an enormous breeding ground. Once every 3000 years, thousands of Korral adolescents rise out of the depths and take their first steps on land, assimilating into the Korral society.

Special Function

Korral don’t consume food goods. A microbe that lives in their porous exoskeleton absorbs UV light and begins the process of photosynthesis to power the individual Korral. It’s a mutualistic bond between the Korral and the microbe.


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