Father Santiago Domingo Rodriguez de Leon

Chosen by God


Father Santiago Domingo Rodriguez de Leon believes he is Chosen By God to Divine His Will.
Unfortunately, he was Denounced by the Space Pope as a False Prophet, making his God given mission difficult.
Unbeknownst to him, his magical powers actually come from the fact that he is Part Seriph.
Medical Doctor
Spread the Word

The Padre is:
Great examining Lore
Good at building Rapport and Empathy with others
Fair at establishing Contacts, controlling his Will, and Noticing things
Average at obtaining Resources, Investigating things, feats of Athleticism, and Stealth

The Padre is a Charlatan who can usually convince people to do things for him.
His vast libraries mean there’s a good chance that I’ve Read About That!
As a Man of the People, he seems to connect better with impoverished peoples.


Father Santiago Domingo Rodriguez de Leon was traveling from planet to planet performing miracles of healing. When he arrived at a mob controlled planet, he was informed by some thugs that he had been denounced by the Space Pope and was sentenced to death. A brawl ensued between the thugs and Santiago’s 12 desciples. During the chaos, Santiago and his trusty disciple Rodrigo escaped.
Unbeknownst to all (especially Vlad), but Vlad had been traveling undercover as the Space Pope, keeping the peace and denouncing false prophets. Which just happened to be Father Santiago. Vlad’s undercover mission as the Space Pope went off without a hitch although he remained at the Space Vatican for 2 months spreading the world of Sectoidal acceptance, because Vlad is a pathological liar.

Sylvester Swift Shot noticed a wanted ad by a crime family to bring in the priest. Sylvester brought the priest, but ultimately, used him as part of a plan to rob the mob family.

Sylvester and the priest took the stolen goods to a fence on a nearby planet. They ran into an old man named Gygax, who purchased the tech from them to make a sensor array for detecting Sectiods.

Father Santiago Domingo Rodriguez de Leon

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