Hybrid Eldrazi


Umbra is a Hybrid Eldrazi, half ship, half Eldrazi.
Because the Eldrazi half happens to be a Lotus Corp. shark prototype, the ship may as well have Black Sails.
One of the most interesting aspects of the ship that she can be powered by the black hole contained inside of her. Lotus Corp. refers to this as her Heart of Darkness.
The kind of tech required to make a ship of this magnitude is on the forefront of human knowledge. As such, Umbra is One Of A Kind.

The ship’s onboard AI is:
Good at Sneaking
Fair at Noticing things and maintaining Physique

Umbra is a Cookie Cutter shark, allowing her to tear into the side of most ships, allowing her crew easy “docking”.
As a top-of-the-line stealth ship, the Umbra comes with a Cloaking Shield, allowing her to easily avoid unsavory encounters.
As an added bonus, Lotus Corp. has thrown in the Night Rider package, which allows the ship to autopilot while her cloak is active.



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