Sylvester Swift Shot

Renowned Freelance Gunslinger


As a Renowned Freelance Gunslinger, Sylvester regularly gets hired to show his exceptional skills.
The fact that he is Hated by the Abenzeae Family can get him into serious trouble in certain sectors of the universe.
Thanks to his upbringing, and startling lack of funds, he often prioritizes Profit Over Logic.
Every once and a while though, a job goes extremely well. Sylvester has pulled off several such jobs and has gained Criminal Underworld Renown.
With a penchant for getting in with the wrong sorts of people, Sylvester has recently established a Connection to Lotus Corp.

Sylvester is:
Great feats of Athleticism
Good at Shooting, and finding Contacts
Fair at Fighting and Sneaking, as well as using his Rapport
Average at Deceiving, Burglarizing, and Provoking others, as well as mustering up Resources


Sylvester was hired by the Velencia family to kidnap an Abenzeae family member. The mission went south, and the family member ended up dead, along with several Abenzeae henchmen.

Sylvester attempted to leave the planet and stopped at a spaceport to find a ship so he could get the hell out of dodge, when he literally ran into members of the Alenzeae family who were chasing Father Santiago Domingo Rodriguez de Leon. When they realized who Sylvester was, a firefight ensued. Sylvester failed to dodge a shot, and the Padre dressed his wounds after the battle.

In a bar where the two took respite, the Abenzeae mob entered to rub out Sylvester. During the scuffle, a mobster bumped into Randolf Grey, who immediately joined the fight. The brawl ended with Randolf asking the pair why they had interrupted him.

Sylvester Swift Shot

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