Randolf Grey

Veteran Ghostwalker of Lotus Corp.


As a Veteran Ghostwalker of Lotus Corp., Randolf Grey has access to many skills and resources.
His Untrustworthy Eyes make it difficult for him to interact with people.
As far as he is concerned, Only the Mission Matters, which can be as beneficial as it can be hindering.
He’s always looking for ways to capitalize on the situation, after all, Opportunity Always Knocks.
A stalwart negotiator, Randolf has always had the attitude Hit First, Ask Questions Later.

Randolf is:
Great at Fighting
Good at Provoking others, and Sneaking
Fair at feats of Athletics and Burglary, as well as Noticing things
Randolf also has:
Average Physique, Will, Contacts, and Resources

Randolf is a Sprinter who can run further than most people in a pinch.
His [I CAN’T READ YOUR WRITING] gives him a leg up when bullying aliens.
He has the uncanny ability to blend in like a Face in the Crowd.
If he tries hard enough, Randolf can even Ninja Vanish, disappearing completely.


During a stealth mission for Lotus Corp., Randolf split from his group to retrieve stolen tech. He returned unharmed and covered in blood. When asked what happened, he only said, “I completed the mission.”

As it turned out, Vlad was the mission director. He had come up with a plan so crazy that it was sure not to work. But Randolf followed through (even killing the younglings) and as unlikely to succeed as it may have appeared, the mission went off perfectly, for he has the strategic wisdom of the crazies.

After retrieving the tech, Randolf took it to a technician named Gygax to research it and reverse-engineer it. However, Gygax was currently being held by the Sectoids, and Randolf had to break in and get him to study the technology.

During the escape, Gygax took a wound. The wound became infected, and without antibiotics he would have surely died. So Randolf sought out a rumored “faith healer”, Father Santiago Domingo Rodriguez de Leon to heal Gygax in a latch ditch effort to compete his mission.

Randolf Grey

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