Frankenstein of Space


Many refer to Gygax as the Frankenstein of Space thanks to his uncanny ability to take seemingly unrelated pieces, and combine them into “useful” products.
Because he, Stole From the Sectoids, he is wanted by the Galactic Alliance, causing him trouble in most star systems.
As far as he is concerned, It Can Always Be Improved, which can be as beneficial as it can be hindering.
Thanks to an incident involving a Sectoid prison and a Ghostwalker, Gygax Owes Lotus Corp. His Life.
Thanks to his years of salvage and trade, he always seems to Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy.

Gygax is:
Great at Crafting things
Good at Driving, and mustering Resources
Fair at Shooting, Burglarizing, and Sneaking around.
Average at Noticing and Investigating things, finding*_Contacts_*, and feats of Athleticism

Gygax prays to Saint MacGyver who grants him good favor while negotiating security terminals.
For years, he’s practiced the ancient art of Barrel Roll, allowing him to easily dodge incoming laser attacks.
His ability to differentiate between time spans (12 minutes) and distances (12 Parsecs) make him an expert at evading larger spacecraft.


From the Journal of Gygax:
" When I found myself on the home-world of the Sectoids, I marveled at the menagerie of technology surrounding me. Wanting to possess it, I made my way into the Sectoid Research and Development complex of the High Council and made off with Thulian particle emitters and Galdrian capacitors. Unfortunately, they found out who had taken their equipment, and that I was using it to make a high-density sonic disruptor."

Randolf was hired to find the missing components.He tracked down the lone scientist. Randolf then offered the thief a position with Lotus Corp. for his ability to infiltrate, take, and improve alien tech.

Randolf then hired Sylvester Swift Shot to aid him in bring back the parts. After several firefights, the scientist was found and Randolf was impressed by the skill of the gunslinger. He offered him future jobs with Lotus Corp.


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